Hello, my name is Susan Stanley and I own a franchise of the Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. in Vancouver, WA.

In 2017 my husband, Glenn, retired and I left my position so I would no longer have to travel for work.  I started looking for businesses that we could work together and stay local.  Finding Mountain Man was a great surprise to find as I have bought items from them for over 20 years at my previous Portland companies. 

Well the time came to decide what to do and we kept coming back to Mountain Man, done deal!  We were now the new owners of a Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. franchise. 

Glenn and I have been outside sales people for all of careers so this seemed like the perfect fit for us.  It’s not only fun and we get to work together but also we get to work with all the yummy and delicious products.  But the best part is the friends we have made at each of our accounts, so lucky to have all of you and looking forward to meeting more. 

It’s a great feeling to love what you are doing and feel good about getting up in the morning and looking forward to visiting all our friends on our daily route!  We also like the fact that we have exceptional products for everyone, gluten-free, low sugar, no sugar, and all ingredients are listed for everyone to see.  But having said that, we do love our products that have sugar and fun added too.

We hope you will join our client list and become a great friend too.   With the Covid-19 pandemic and not being able to make our rounds in Vancouver; I will be filling your orders, all wiped down for safety, and delivering to your business or home.  Each order will be in a separate bag and invoiced separately so you will have no difficulty locating your items from others. 

I look forward to seeing every one soon, take care, and stay safe, Susan & Glenn